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March 11, 2009

Welcome To Business Development Training

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My business is to help people who want to

change their lives.

They want to have more control over what

happens to them and their families.

They want their lives to mean more than just

trading hours for money that fulfills

someone else’s dreams.

They want to live a life that has meaning

and purpose.

That’s what I want too, and so I am

here on this site to offer you my service.

I hope you will accept this help by reading

my postings and by sending me an email

to request more information.

My goal is to help you in any way that I can

so you can have the most precious desires

of your heart realized!

November 14, 2011

Seminar on Self-confidence

Brian Tracy – Unbreakable Laws Of Self-Confidence Motivational Video Preview

Access the full length version at or see a full list of our programs at

Self-esteem and self-confidence play a major role in any quest for a happier, more fulfilling life. In this content-filled training video, self-esteem expert Brian Tracy brings you dozens of important ideas for taking your self-esteem and self-confidence to the next level.

Of all the keys to success, self-confidence and self-esteem are the two critical factors that impact all areas of life. They determine how much money you will earn, how happy you will be, the quality of your relationships, your ability to attract the things you want, and more.

Your self-confidence and self-esteem are everything! The challenge is that most of us were programmed with messages that lower our self-confidence from a very young age, and this old programming interferes with our ability to conquer our most coveted dreams and goals.

In this powerful session, you’ll learn all of the most critical laws for literally reprogramming your mind and boosting your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-concept to new levels.

Brian Tracy is one of the world’s most powerful and sought-after seminar leaders, speaking on personal performance, self-concept, sales, leadership, and business success. He has traveled and worked in more than eighty countries, and speaks four languages.

Brian Tracy is a New York Times bestselling author, having written dozens of books that have been translated into more than twenty languages. He has appeared on countless television and radio shows, and is featured regularly in major publications across the country, and overseas.

He has also conducted high-level consulting assignments with several billion-dollar-plus corporations in strategic planning and organization development. Brian Tracy is married, with four children, and is headquartered in Solana Beach, California.


Access the full length version at or to see a full list of seminars at

May 7, 2010

I Have A Great Opportunity For You

You may not agree on every point discussed in this post. However, I am confident that once situations begin to reveal the symptoms of a problem within an organization, you will recognize the red flags as they emerge and see things from a different perspective. Naturally, in the future, you will want to teach these principles to your own downline and associates.

How Great of an Opportunity is It?

Often, a desire to change our lives lulls us into an opportunity that only lines the pockets of somebody else. This happens because there are experts in the field who know how to capitalize on your dreams, and they know how to present their programs so it appeals to you. They have you pegged the minute they begin talking to you and so they know what tools to use in manipulating you.

It’s true that sometimes an opportunity is as good as it appears, and yet other times an opportunity is a bad risk and you should not become involved with it. You have to weed through all the hype associated with the plan and scrutinize what they tell you in order to find the truth.

First, I must qualify myself. I’ve seen many people do well in their Network Marketing businesses. I’ve also seen many more who have not done well. I, myself, have done very well in some ventures and others I have not done as well as I expected. Nevertheless, I joined each venture believing that I would succeed and that it would be the best opportunity.

With that said, even when we are committed to the success of our businesses, it still may not work for us; possibly because there are holes in the plan that we did not see in the beginning (usually the holes are found in their terms and conditions). This is why we need to take the time we need to investigate an opportunity enough to know the truth or accept the risk. If we accept the risk, then what about the people we involve in the risk with us? We owe it to them to be sure that they will not be taken for a ride along with us that they were not prepared to take.

Take the Time To Investigate

The reason family and friends won’t join us in most of our ventures is because they know that we do not investigate opportunities well enough and so we get taken for a ride. Therefore, they won’t listen when we try to talk to them; they don’t trust us to know if this one is a good opportunity or not.

I’ve learned that, if we are unsure about the worthiness of an opportunity, we need to take some time to investigate it more thoroughly before we make a decision. Look at an opportunity with objectivity. This means we are less likely to be taken in by all the fluff and hype they use to rev-up a group or a crowd. However, if the promoter tries to apply pressure on us, it’s time to tell them goodbye. There is a reason for the pressure, and usually it is NOT for our best interest.

A mistake many of us make is we perceive a good followup as being pressure to join. We need to be honest when they call so they do not followup at a pace that makes us feel uncomfortable. We can resolve this problem by agreeing to attend their meetings for awhile and then make a decision.

Attending all their functions will acquaint us with the Association and the upline with whom we will be working closely. This is the only way we will find out who is making real money and who is putting on a front. Take note of how hard people are working and if they are running themselves ragged but seeing little payoff for it. My friend says this is like an airplane running down the tarmac and not having enough lift to take off.

Attending their meetings is a good way to find holes in the plan and learn more about the integrity of their organization. After awhile, they will no longer see us as an investigator but as part of the group; that is when the walls come down and we see the true integrity in their business dealings.

What’s the Gimmick or The Ploy That Hooks You?

I am going to get personal with you here because I want to be very candid about the pitfalls in Network Marketing—even the good ones.

Network Marketing is the best tool available today for average people to get into business and change their stars. Although there are many bad opportunities, there are still some that are reputable and have a viable business plan. With use of the Internet now, there are even greater opportunities to do well if one will follow sound principles when working it.

Below is a list of the gimmicks and ploys I’ve discovered that hook us into an opportunity…be it a good or a bad one. Perhaps some of you found many of these examples are true and can attest to what I’m telling you.

1 – Experts Look For Your WOW! The promoter’s objective is to get you to start dreaming or to wake up the passion inside you about your dreams. You need to have a reason for doing what they want you to do. They are looking for your trigger so they can capitalize on it. This doesn’t mean that everyone who taps into your dream has sinister motives. It just means they know you won’t do anything without having a reason. Your WOW is your motivation and, without it, you’re dead in the water before you even get started.

After a good promoter spends time finding your reason for taking advantage of their opportunity or building on your dreams, they spend time convincing you that you can do it. On the surface, there is nothing sinister about these motives. It is the wise thing to do, and this is what makes Network Marketing work for people.

Being suspicious of someone getting you to dream is not necessary in most cases; it’s part of the training so you can succeed. Talking with you about your dreams and ambitions gives them an opportunity to ask important questions that you need to consider and gives you a chance to look inside yourself to answer them.

It is completely appropriate, however, to be suspicious about their claims and the plan they promote. An honest promoter will tell you exactly what it takes to succeed in their business without resorting to a bunch of hype to sell you on their plan.

2 – You need to watch out for holes in the plan.

*Does the plan make sense?

*Are products too expensive for most people?

*What is the upfront cost to join?

*Where does that money go when you join? Some companies give part of your signup money to philanthropic organizations. You need to know the percentage and how much really goes out to those organizations.

*How are products being moved?

*How much product do you need to move to produce the volume from which they base each level of income shown in their presentation?

*If income is not based on moving products, then what actually makes you money?

*What is the risk? FTC laws say the opportunity MUST be the same for everyone, from top to bottom. If it isn’t, then it is a pyramid and likely a scam—which means that, most often, it will be shut down within the first year or so.

3 – NEVER JOIN an opportunity when you have to buy into a position: either by purchasing a certain amount of stock to reach leadership levels or they reserve a spot for you to buy a downline. If they bought a downline, then they don’t really know how to help you because they have not had to do what they are requiring of you. The promoter will tell you that this is the fast way to make money, and in some cases it could be true. However, I am telling you that this is NOT TRUE in most other situations and for most people! Let me explain why, because this is really the final straw that broke my own business.

Buy UP to a level:

When your income depends on monthly volume, it means your profit is dependent on products moving within your group. Stocking up on products is like shooting yourself in the foot.

For instance, you sell product “A” to someone (to an associate or a customer) so that product needs to be replaced (ordered) for it to count as volume for the current month. If you have the product in stock, you won’t make a purchase until the stock is low or gone. Without new volume going through your business every month, the money you need to restock is usually spent by the time you need to reorder. Also, you will likely do what many Network Marketers do in this situation—you bank on the fact that enough money will be there when it’s time to restock product “A”.

Do you see the error in this type of thinking? You are spending money today by banking on money being there tomorrow. You have faith or a belief that your business will grow and that you will have more than enough money to restock products then. In principle, it makes sense; in reality, it makes NO sense to stock up on products in order to buy up to a new level.

YOU MUST NOT BANK ON SPENDING “TOMORROW’S MONEY” TODAY, THINKING THE MONEY WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT! If you break this Universal Law of Money, there will always be a consequence that follows. Even if the money is there when you need it, did you have to sacrifice something to make sure that enough money is in the account? Is that sacrifice your consequence?

If you need volume for a specific level, it means you and your downline must create it through movement of products. You do not create new volume unless you sell something and then order it for that volume to count in the current month. If you buy up or accept autoship (read this representatives experience with autoship), you will likely have a charge on your account that you can’t pay and so you will be cancelled.

Sponsoring new people moves products, but not enough to move you up several levels in volume. The way many opportunities work today is they require you to have a standing order every month by requiring you to have a product shipped to you every month or you will not qualify for a bonus from downline production (it’s called autoship) and your upline may get it instead.

If your downline buys products for themselves and their customers, along with the volume you create, and the total volume gives you enough for a new level, then all is well and everyone is happy. However, what if some of your downline decide to stock up on products as you did and they buy up to a level also?

Remember, your downline will duplicate you and usually that is a good thing. The problem with this plan is that now they have stock and you have stock. None of you will restock until products are gone or low enough to reorder. This system will work fine IF you and your downline work very hard to move the products you stocked up on and IF you can order new stock in the month you need new volume.

4 – Your contact list gives your upline names and phone numbers of everyone you know, which he or she can use as contacts after you drop out. Most new signups give up too quickly because they think the opportunity is a fast fix for their money problems or because they expect cash to come rolling in before they have given it enough time to expect that outcome. When people quit or are cancelled because of an unpaid charge, the upline scoops up the downline. Then the company sells the name

Sometimes upline will take ownership of your contacts and start communicating with them behind your back. Even if the upline has good motives, this does not edify you as the sponsor and diminishes your position with your new signup and your group. Some of them even sell your name as being interested in network marketing.

Your upline SHOULD ALWAYS work through you when there is ANY CONTACT with people on your list. This mistake is one I made in the beginning with my own business. I never did gain back the respect and trust of my downline after that mistake.

Keep in mind that your upline is doing this for a reason. Either he or she is looking out for his or her own interests, or he or she doesn’t trust you to handle your own prospects correctly. If your upline is doing this to you, then ask yourself why? Also, ask yourself if what your upline communicates to you and your downline makes sense and is it in agreement with sound principles? If not, then why and what do you plan to do about it?

Greed Is A Motivator

A devious marketer will try to appeal to the GREED inside every human being. We all want a good deal, and we all want to get something for nothing or for very little effort on our part. We know this is true when we think or hear ourselves say: I only have to do this much and I will get this much money for it. Do you see it?

In contrast, an honest marketer will spell out the plan, it’s weaknesses and strong points, and commit you to working the plan the way they know it works best. The plan will include a specific amount of effort in order to receive a certain amount of reward. Any plan that tries to say otherwise is a lie. All Network Marketers who have made it up the ladder know exactly what it takes to get there. Either they purchased downline to reach their level or they made it with hard work. You need to know exactly what hard work it will take.

DON’T make the mistake of basing your success on the success of those who are talking to you. You are not them and your circumstances are different. Your commitment level and work ethics are different. Your contacts and financial situation is different. Although all of this is true and very important to consider, you still look for holes in the plan that people want to hide. You need to understand the true success of those who want you to join them in the opportunity.

If you are seriously considering an opportunity, you must be bold and discuss these points with the person who wants you to do this plan. If the person is new, then don’t depend on them to give you the answer, go straight to the “horses mouth” and find out for yourself.

For example, you need answers to the following questions.

*How many clients do I need to see in order to get the volume you show in the plan?

*Is your success level based on the same compensation plan and the same presentation as they just showed me or did you buy your business from someone?

*How many “no” responses do you get compared to “yes”?

*What must I do every day towards reaching the levels that you describe?

*Tell the upline that you recognize your success cannot be based on others, but there is a figure required by law for them to disclose that tells you how many people actually make the levels discussed in the plan they showed you. Be sure to see their their terms of agreement. If it’s a long terms of agreement than run. The shorter their terms the more transparent they are.

If you set guidelines for yourself and follow them, you will be less likely to get mixed up in a “sinking ship” or a scam. Scammers depend on your vulnerability and greed. Protect yourself by understanding what red flags signal a scam. If it doesn’t ring true then tell them “NO THANKS”.

Good examples of red flags:

*Network Marketing companies that are ground floor opportunities or in pre-launch (pre-launch means they could be having financial problems so they plan on their reps to bring in the income because they don’t have financial backing)

*The Newest Book on the market on How to Become a Millionaire

*And the newest deal that’s almost too good to be true.

These are all questionable opportunities.

If you have questions about this article, I will be glad to respond to an email.


April 4, 2010

Easter Season

Easter is the season to remember our Savior died for us that we might live again and to take upon himself all of our sins and imperfections.

Easter is also the season that represents new birth and spring. . . with eggs, chicks, bunnies, and chocolate.

September 9, 2009

Network Marketing Tips

I know the quality of this video is poor but that’s because I was new at recording when I made the video. I think the information is helpful though so I kept it. I hope you will find something beneficial in it.

September 7, 2009

Why Do We Make Network Marketing So Difficult?

Network Marketing is not as difficult as it may seem or that we make it!  It’s difficult because there are too many so-called experts who are anxious to tell you (or sell you) their newest and proven tecnniques for creating wealth. I do not include Mike Dillard or Mike Klingler in that group. But this belief is exactly the opposite of what you need to be thinking when you build a successful life and business.

You do not want to be like someone else because these people are a dime a dozen. There is always someone telling you that they can make you rich with their system. They are tapping into your desire to have more and more and more and more and more from life. This attitude is exactly the thing that makes you unsuccessful.

With your mindset being to become rich, owning things, doing things that rich people do, and lavish yourself with more things that money can buy, you may find wealth but you will not feel satisfied or complete. You will feel like you are missing something very important in life, and you are!

When you build your business on relationships that have value, when you feel commaradery with people because you come from the same mindset, then whatever you achieve is a blessing!  You will understand what it means to live a life with meaning and purpose, and you will know what it means to have gratitude for the things that money cannot buy as well as what it can. Wealth and riches will mean something much different then.

Yes, Attraction Marketing works, but what do you really want to attract to you. You become the person you associate with, and you become the person you think you are. That means you must have a clear understanding of who you want to be, what you honestly want in life that is NOT associated with income and wealth, and who you want in your life from today forward.

When I asked myself the same questions I just asked you, I learned that I didn’t like what I was pursuing and I didn’t like the people I had in my life at the time. I realized that was not the life I wanted to live. It took a major change in my thinking in order to become the person I wanted to become. I feel good about who I am now and what I want in life. I had been indoctrinated with the belief system I was taught by my associations and mentors. It was then that I found an organization that taught me how to live a better life, one that has meaning and purpose, by developing the characteristics I needed to have when I succeed in life and business.

I have learned how to be happy with what I have now and only want what is a blessing to me and to the people with whom I associate. I want to help people have what they want by sharing what I know about being successful in life and business. I teach people how to dream but in different terms than most leaders in Network Marketing teach.

Network Marketing works because it taps into people’s dreams. They take people’s most precious desires and turn them into dollar signs for themselves. People who have dreams associated with their precious desires think there is only one way to have it.  They think dreams are achieved by making more money – lots more money – when in fact, it isn’t the money that fulfills dreams, it’s developing a relationship with people that give them what they want and then gives us what we want.

It is a different way of thinking. If you think this way, then that means you need to break the chains that created this mistake in thinking. People who are truly happy in life and are wealthy are that way because of the life they created for themselves and their families. Haven’t you noticed that some very wealthy people relate to you like they were common people? They relate to everyone and love everyone. There is no pretense about them because what you see is who they really are, and who they really are is a kind-hearted and likable person. Money has nothing to do with their relationships with you. In fact, I suspect that you think of being like them when you think about being wealthy.

Now the question is whether you are willing to think differently. Are you ready to develop relationships with people because of who they are and not because of your need to make money from them to fulfill your own dreams. People who always think about what they want to obtain will only focus on that, but it takes a major shift to think about another person and what they want. Do you understand what I just said? Are you ready to accept a change in your present thinking?

In my Dale Carnegie Leadership training, I learned that we need to make people feel valued and important to us. When I discovered that simple concept and put it into practice, people around me began to respond to me more positively. I was amazed that it was so easy for me to change my thinking. All I had to do was go back to doing what I used to do before I became so consumed with my business goals and achieving what I wanted. My change in thinking changed the relationships around me drastically.

If you want to know more of what I know, keep tuned in to this site and I will share more of what I’ve learned on this subject…perhaps join my group at Business.Life.Family.  I also post reports like these on my site at My phone number is available on my profile here at BetterNetworker. I will gladly take a phone call from you if you want to talk more about this subject.

My best wishs to you and your successes in life and business.

July 25, 2009

Check Out My New Guest Book

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July 9, 2009

It’s So Simple And It Works!

This report is inspired by an article titled “Do You Know This One Question Can Make You Millions?” by Adam Taha at

I know that I was taught this same question a long time ago, and I’m sure some of you have been taught this question as well.  Although it’s a simple question, we often forget it when we become more sophisticated in our businesses.

Adam Taha stated the obvious when he said the following:  “Ready for this question? Cause we sometimes have MLM, Network Marketing rolling in our head, coming out of ears and forget this question:  “So tell me mate, what is the one thing you LOVE doing.”

Do you understand the power in this question? I suspect that you probably don’t if you haven’t been using it.  The problem is that, when we ask this question, we forget to stop talking and listen to them.  We want to control the conversation and manipulate the outcome of the coversation so it will be beneficial to us.  In other words, we ask the question but the answer doesn’t really matter to us because we’re just waiting to implement the next ploy to win a sale or gain a new sign-up.

If you have been asking the right question, have you really been listening to the passion in the person’s voice?  Are you being genuinely interested in what he or she says? If you haven’t been doing either or both, then you’ve missed the boat pal.  That’s why you really need to read Adam’s article.

Adam continues, “I asked someone this question. Man, did I get it. I asked: “Oh right. So, you like photography then? Is that the One Thing You Love Doing?

“That was it people!” said Adam.  “The man suddenly gave one big grin and then started talking how he started photography. How he went on this and that. Then stories of people he met. And how he loved to travel to this place and that place, to take photos.”

“I couldn’t get a word in but hey, I didn’t want to. Honestly, I didn’t want to. He went on for 45 MINUTES! Can you believe this. And when he finished, get ready…when he finished, he said the magic words. The words I have always been waiting for people to say when you sit with them.”

Please read the rest of this story.  The question is only powerful if you know how to use it and what to do with the information when the person begins to talk.  When you get it, when you understand the power that is there, and when you relax and just listen to people and wait for them to ask you their important question, your sponsor rate won’t be as good as it could be.  Also, the rentention rate of your new signups is higher when they feel loyalty to you because you really care about them.

July 7, 2009

Advice on Delegating

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Words of Wisdom From Dale Carnegie

“The single greatest cause for failure in managers is their inability to delegate.”

– J.C. Penney

Try this eight-step delegation process next time.

– Identify the need

– Select the person

– Plan the delegation

– Hold a delegation meeting

– Create a plan of action

– Review the plan

– Implement the plan

– Follow – up



July 4, 2009

Life Coach

You need me as your “Life Coach” as you build your business because your business becomes your life. If you make a mistake in your business, your life and family are affected. The same is true if you make a mistake in your family, marriage, socially, or life in general, your business will be affected.

I teach you how to live a more successful life in order to enjoy the successes you achieve in your business. What good is your success if you are not happy with your life? As I saw on a electronic advertisement board today, “self-worth beats net worth”.

I am here to help you in any capacity that you need, all you need to do is just ask for it.

Click on this link and check on me:

Looking For An Opportunity

Network Marketing is the quickest and easiest way to get started in a home business. Many entrepreneur-minded people are starting their home business this way.

There are many opportunities out there to help you with this goal. Some have good products but a poor return on the investment, and then others have a poor product line but a good compensation plan.  I suggest you thoroughly investigate the company you are thinking of doing business with before you decide to invest money. . . especially if it is new (a ground floor opportunity as they say).

Here are he a few helpful tips to consider before deciding on a plan.

  • NEVER make a decision quickly when you are pressured to GET IN NOW.
    • Hype is often used to influence a speedy decision – there is a reason for that!
    • A distributor may be trying to reach his target or a new level and so he or she needs you to enroll now!
    • Scam artists are always in a hurry to get you to take the bait: hook, line, and sinker. They may know that the business is due to be closed down as an illegal pyramid or they may plan to make money now and not worry about the future of the business. Is that really what you want to be part of?
  • You make a business decision on the caliber of the people you will be working with instead of on friendships.
    • This is a business decision. Are you making a business decision?
    • Do the people you will be working with understand and apply success principles correctly?
    • Is your prospective upline  an embarrassment to you or to those you work will with?  If they are not ethical, if they do not represent the values you stand for, then you need to choose another upline or business. That’s why you can’t be in a hurry in choosing a company or an organization.
  • When you bring friends into your business, they are now your business associates and must be treated that way from now on.
    • You don’t treat them special
    • You don’t offer them special deals
    • You don’t loan them money
    • You don’t help them out of a pinch when you wouldn’t do it for someone else
    • You don’t do anything that would jeopardize the growth of your business and the integrity of the group.
  • Don’t confuse the last tip with the principle of  “Friendship First, Directorship Second” when dealing with your downline.
    • This phrase means is that you treat people as if they have value to you as a friendship instead of looking at them as a source of income.
    • When you see people as income, you treat them as employees instead of independent business men and women. Do you see the difference?
  • On the same line as the tip above, you let chickens be chickens and don’t try to make eagles out of them.
    • The eagles who will soar show themselves, they can’t help it, but chickens are happy being chickens; gathering food and clucking around the yard.
    • That’s all they want and that’s all they will do. Let them be who they want to be and help them at that level.
    • Try not to treat them as if you don’t have time for them or make them feel as if you only have time to work with eagles. All of them are important and should be treated that way.
  • All businesses need consumers and distributors. What good are big talkers who never make a sale or never buy a product?
  • Bringing in many new signups has a short-term benefit. However, what gives business stability and longivity is movement of products and services. Period!
  • It’s always hype when you emphasise how many people you’ve sponsored, how many your upline has sponsored, or how many people you get to a meeting. You don’t need hype to impress people if you are building a business that is balanced and in alignment to succeed.
    • It’s all hype when you boast about how much money you make.
    • It’s all hype when you talk about how much money your upline makes.
    • It’s all hype when you insinuate how much money a new associate can make.
    • It’s the same thing when you collect jewelry, cars, and other items to show off or impress people when really you are deep in the hole and it’s all for show.
  • Wealth and success are not measured by what you own but by the people you help get what they need to be happy in life.
    • This is when you feel real joy and happiness deep inside your soul.
    • This is our legacy, what people have to say about us when we cannot influence them.
    • A legacy is the memories we leave with people we come in contact with throughout life and how our family cherishes memories of us when we depart this world.

This is how we choose a good opportunity and build successful Network Marketing business. If you have questions or need more information, please contact me at Also see

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